Amateur Teen Sucking Cock In The Shower

Thursday, May 27, 2010
Camera? Check! Hot teen slut? Check! Nice big cock for her? Check!....All that is left is sex crazed Kathryn to get down to business. Whether its sucking it till its hard or taking it deep Kathryn will put on a show for the world and gets off knowing she is letting everyone see her tight body and mad skills! Thanks to her man for sharing this hot video of Kathryn sucking him off in the shower!


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Chelsea Loves Taking Cock Up Her Ass

Wednesday, April 22, 2009
I'm starting to believe that a sure sign of maturity is knowing what you want in life. You spend your youth pretty much not giving a shit, but as you get older, experience teaches you things, and your tastes naturally become refined. Take Chelsea here. This sexy forty-something MILF has learned a lot from her experiences, and definitely knows what she likes!


"The thing I like the most, more than oral, more than vag, is anal," says Chelsea in the pre-action interview. She says she loves men of any age, but really loves it when they fuck her tight asshole nice and hard. Also, as she describes her sexual preferences, she runs her hands over her ample chest, fondling those nice round boobies.


For an older woman, she's still hot as hell! Her tan body is still in great shape, and seeing her on all fours begging for that younger stud's big dick in her pooper almost made me lose my wad! Chelsea's pussy looks so wet and inviting - its obvious how horny and ready she is to be fucked up her butt.


Chelsea's also really good at talking dirty. She uses every filthy word to keep that stud's penis nice and hard. And at the end, when he climbs up her bare chest to spray his jism all over her, the mature slut gets even nastier with the filth as she rubs his creamy cum into her tits. It makes for a really hot butt fucking video from a fucking hot MILF!


Dirty Teen Girl Gets First Ever Cum Facial

Saturday, April 18, 2009
Young - and horny - Cherry came to the Cum Fiesta to have a fun filled time. She was looking smoking hot in that dress. She had perky "passwords" (basically, you show your boobs to get access to the private "fiesta"), and a juicy ass that she knew how to shake.


Cherry loved displaying her sweet and luscious ass. She spread out on the bed and started playing with that tight wet pussy. Then, she stuck that meaty cock in her mouth and sucked like hell. Next, she opened her legs up on the bed and got her pussy munched on. Finally Cherry hopped on that dick and rode it as her juicy ass bounced around. She got the bangin' she stopped by for, and took the cum on her teenage face like a good girl....Enjoy!


Horny Teen Trades Sex For Good Grades

Sunday, April 12, 2009
It's a sad fact that America is falling behind in education stats. We're down in math and science and something needs to be done. Eighteen year old student Erin doesn't want to be part of that alarming statistic any longer. Her poor math grades are not going to hold her back from graduation and college, and there ain't no way she wants to be stuck in some dead-end job for the rest of her life. So Erin, being the clever little "brainiac" that she is, came up with a plan. Shes going to get her sexy math teacher to tutor her.

When he showed up - promptly, of course, as any square numbers guy would - he was tricked into her bedroom. Obviously, there was a lot more to Erin's graduation plan than she let on. He was a little confused, as well as worried about crossing the invisible student/teacher boundary, but Erin's teacher really didn't need to read between the lines to see how Erin planned to bring her math grade up when she reached over and massaged his crotch through his black khaki pants.

As a "stick in the mud" education professional, Erin's math teacher wasn't used to being propositioned by horny young women. He had heard stories of things like this happening before, and which have lately become the focus of many of his masturbatory fantasies. He knew he shouldn't do anything with Erin. "Hell", he thought, "I could lose my job!!" But his already weak will power was ultimately conquered once she pulled out his rigid penis, and started sucking on it.

Erin's math teacher couldn't remember the last time he got a blowjob that felt this good, or even the last time getting head from a girl so motivated to please. He wondered how much experience Erin actually had sucking on her boyfriends' dicks, since it was obvious from the way she used her young mouth that this wasn't the first time she has sucked a penis. Erin also knew from experience that she couldn't keep polishing his knob much longer because he felt like he might spoil her plan by coming too early.

Once Erin knew the blowjob had her teacher completely wrapped around her finger, she stripped out of her clothes seductively, but quickly. As she pulled her cotton panties down her slender legs, she noticed that they were soaked with her vaginal juices, and it was now or never to earn that diploma. Throwing him backwards onto her bed, she quickly straddled her hapless teacher, and lining up the tip of his penis with her wet opening, carefully eased her tight pussy down his thick shaft.

Completely losing his will power, Erin's teacher let his usually repressed libido take over. He turned the horny teen girl onto her side, and pistoned his dick into her pink twat with more and more force. With the head of his dick rubbing her g-spot, it didn't take long for Erin to feel her orgasm about to wash over her nubile teen body. Her shuddering climax caused her to tense up in pleasurable spasms, and her teacher could feel Erin's young vagina clenching at his cock with a tightness he's never felt before. He felt his own eruption building deep within his own loins, and pulled his cock out in time to ejaculate his thick, creamy cum all over Erin's pretty face. She surprised him even more by licking some of his semen right off her lips and swallowing.

"So," Erin asks him while kissing him lightly on the lips, "will I graduate?" Catching his breath, her math teacher replied, "Maybe." Erin reached for his cock again, and started to lightly stroke it back to life, "How about if you tutor me every week, or every day?" As he felt his manhood stir back to life, he said, "In that case, I think you have a great chance of passing."

"Awesome," is all the teen had to say before taking his dick into her mouth again for another math lesson.


Maddy Is Totally Into Blowjobs

Friday, April 10, 2009
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Video Close Up Of Perky Teen Tits

Wednesday, April 8, 2009
Young teen girl plays with her cute little tits in the tub.
This sexy young teen took a bubble bath, and filmed it. She wore a bikini, but once it got wet, you could see her pink nipples right through it. She took the top off, then played with her tits.! Great sound in this video, too!
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